Hi! Thanks for popping in to find out more about Jellytap. We’re a small creative group located on the front range of the Colorado rockies, and when I say small group I mean there’s two of us :)

We’re a couple of passionate designers who love to create stuff. Stuff people love to look at. Stuff people love to use.  We like to dabble in lots of stuff, and right now we’re dedicated to creating the highest quality, most beautiful and original Go SMS Pro themes. We have a few other creative fun projects on the horizon but for now themes are our focus. Thanks so much for your interest in what we’re doing! If you haven’t already seen our work, here’s a link to our stuff in the Google Play store.

We look forward to hearing from you, we’re always open to feedback and would like to hear anything you have to say about our work or whatever’s on your mind.  You can always send us an email here.